Limited Edition Artworks

A Richard Hume Limited Edition Print is the culmination of an exacting process which begins at the time when Richard returns from photographic expeditions. Whether it has been an international trip or a New Zealand one there are normally many images which need processing and cataloguing.

Selected images are sent through an exhaustive process which includes meticulous inspection of every single millimetre of these huge files. Only when these files come through this process and Richard is satisfied with the result is the new image really considered part of 'the collection'.

Each limited edition print is produced individually to order, to the world's highest standard by professionals who understand Richard’s demand for excellence. Trademarks of a Richard Hume limited edition print are the rich colour saturation, consistency and outstanding archival performance.

Limited Edition Artworks


Each limited edition print is produced to a strict total edition size and personally signed and numbered by Richard. The price of artworks increases as prints are sold from the edition representing natural supply and demand. Once a print is sold out there will never be further Limited Editions produced of that image hence making them sought after collector's pieces and investments.

Each Limited Edition Artwork is registered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Each print is sold either framed or unframed. Framed prints are packaged expertly and delivered anywhere in the world to your door ready to hang directly on your wall. Unframed prints are provided rolled into a sturdy tube where they can remain until ready for framing – we provide full framing instructions with each limited edition print.

Please contact us with any questions regarding printing, framing or delivery.

Limited Edition Artworks



Q. How long should a print last?

A. We have selected print media's we believe represent the very finest in quality materials available today - each is designed to be able to be passed down through generations. We always recommend taking normal precautions such as hanging your valued artwork away from direct sunlight.

Q. What is the time frame for delivery of my Limited Edition Print?

A. Because each Limited Edition Artwork is individually produced please allow two weeks for production and a further week for delivery of your Limited Edition Print from time of purchase.

Q. Why do some images appear slightly different sizes?

A. Richard uses two different formats of panoramic camera - a 6 x 12 cm and 6 x 17 cm. This accounts for the slight differences in image ratio.

Q. What edition sizes does Richard print up to?

A. Limited Edition Artworks are produced in total edition sizes of 50, 100, and 250. In very rare cases special editions of 10 have been released and quickly become collector pieces.